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Contract Law Attorney / Corporate - General Attorney / Finance - Banking Attorney / Litigation - General/Commercial Attorney / Real Estate Attorney in Dallas, TX

DHA Housing Solutions for North Texas | Dallas, TX, United States

Industry: Legal | Type: Full-Time

Posted Date: Apr 07, 2021

Experience: 3 Years

Practice Areas: Corporate, Real Estate, Litigation, Finance - Banking, Contract Law, Finance, Corporate - General, Litigation - General/Commercial

Qualifications: Qualifications: JD degree required; and 3 years experience in the practice of law; civil, corporate, banking, and real estate law. Must be licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas to practice law in the State of Texas, remain active with all annual license requirements, and maintain a clear criminal record. Knowledge of DHA organization, operations, policies and procedures. Knowledge of Texas criminal and civil statutes, rules, administrative orders, policies and procedures, and applicable Federal rules and regulations. Knowledge of Texas judicial procedures and rules of evidence. Knowledge of legal precedents and court decisions impacting public housing issues. Knowledge of the duties, powers, authorities and limitations of a General Counsel. Knowledge of legal research methods, techniques, sources, and databases. Knowledge of legal case management procedures, ethics and techniques. Knowledge of principles of record keeping, case files and records management. Skill in reviewing and assessing legal issues and documents. Skill in reading, interpreting, understanding and applying legal standards and procedures, applicable Federal rules and regulations, and DHA policies and procedures. Skill in researching and identifying precedence in case law. Skill in verbal and written communication, and exercising judgment and discretion in decision making and negotiations. Skill in operating electronic devices utilizing a variety of business software. Skill in establishing cooperative working relationships with employees, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and other participants in the civil justice process. Skill in effective communication, both verbal and written. Skill in interacting with people of different social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.


Job Description:
General Counsel
Duties: Drafts complex contracts and other legal documents and serves as a liaison between the Office of the General Counsel and other departments. Provides advice regarding procurement issues - reviews and approves requests for proposals and invitations for bids. Researches legal issues and prepares memoranda of law, legal briefs, and legal opinions as assigned. Prepares pleadings and other court documents. Indexes and summarizes depositions. Assists in preparing witnesses for court appearances, and other testimony. Monitors administrative cases, including resident and employee grievances, EEOC matters and like issues. Provides direct services, which may include appearing in court, and supervising other legal and non-legal staff on forcible entry and/or detainer cases and other lease enforcement matters. Provides legal counsel and training to staff in the monitoring of regulatory compliance. Supervise Office of the General Counsel staff. Assures absolute confidentiality of work-related issues, client records and information. Enthusiastically promotes the President/CEO s priorities for the operations.


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