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Insurance Coverage Attorney in Chicago, IL

Kemper Corporation. | Chicago, IL, United States

Industry: Legal | Type: Full-Time

Posted Date: Jul 26, 2020

Experience: 1 Years

Practice Areas: Insurance Coverage


Job Description:
Claims Coverage Counsel
The candidate will conduct detailed analysis and legal research and render legal opinions and/or guidance that support good-faith claim-handling practices, sound claim-handling decisions that include denials of defense and/or indemnity, and the development and utilization of compliant and prudent policy provisions and claims-related forms. Responsibilities: Provide legal services for all states for the Field Claims organization, including Casualty, and the Claims Legal/Litigation Departments. Provide legal advice, coverage analysis, legal research, opinions, claim risk assessment, oversight and guidance, and recommended verbiage for letters and responses. Analyze claims litigation matters to provide coverage opinions regarding the company duty to provide a defense and/or indemnity in ongoing litigation matters for the Claims Litigation Department. Provide legal advice, counsel, oversight and claims handling direction to Field Claims, including Casualty, in all matters requiring legal support. Manage and direct the handling of high-exposure policy limit demands, in conjunction with Field Claims and Casualty management, in all states to protect interests of company s insureds and to minimize risk of exposure to extracontractual claims. Provide ongoing review and analysis of insurance policy provisions, forms (including releases), and claims practices across all lines, and provide recommendations for revising/improving where appropriate. As assigned, support and assist in the handling of specific high-profile exposures against the company with a focus on risk mitigation and avoidance of company significant exposures. Perform the Casualty oversight function for Commercial Vehicle claims matters. Participate regularly in roundtables for Casualty, CV Claims, Claims Litigation, Corporate Litigation, and ECO Unit matters. Train, support, and mentor company employees in various roles and at various levels as assigned, including training in good-faith claim-handling practices. Effectively communicate regarding all such matters with all levels of the Claims organization and all other internal company customers at all levels. Qualifications required: A Law degree and a license to practice law in at least 1 state in the United States of America. Ability to perform complex legal analysis and research, and thoroughly and expeditiously analyze, with attention to detail, complex claims and legal issues, and provide legal and coverage analysis, advice, risk assessment, guidance and oversight to members of the Field Claims organization, including Casualty, and the Claims Litigation Department. Ability to effectively communicate such legal and coverage analysis, advice, risk assessment, guidance and oversight, both orally and in writing, to Field Claims, including Casualty, and Claims Litigation employees, management, executives and other internal company customers at all levels. Experience and expertise in providing comprehensive written analysis, opinions and strategic guidance to Claims Staff at all levels is preferred. Understanding of good-faith claim-handling practices and extracontractual obligations is preferred, but not required. Familiarity with and understanding of insurance law and practices, and with insurance coverage and form policy provisions is preferred. Understanding of legal issues, and familiarity with caselaw, legislation, and regulations in states in which the company conducts insurance business is preferred, but not required. Experience and demonstrated skills with legal research tools such as LexisNexis, WestLaw, and other available legal-research resources. Licensure by a state bar. CPCU designation preferred. Ability to complete extensive, complex written reports, legal opinions, and letters. Verbal skills to effectively communicate with multiple parties on complex issues. Ability to handle bad faith cases, theft and fraud cases, class actions, and other complex litigation involving the company directly and/or giving rise to actual or potential extra-contractual exposure to the company.


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