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Criminal Law - Prosecution Attorney in Kelso, WA

Kelso, WA, United States

Industry: Legal | Type: Full-Time

Posted Date: Apr 25, 2024

Salary: USD 74292 to 118920 Annually

Practice Areas: Criminal Law

Qualifications: Qualifications: Law degree from an accredited college or university. Experience with criminal prosecution. Admission to Washington State Bar Association. Knowledge of legal rules, protocols and systems. Able to effectively present information and recommendations in oral and written form at a professional level. Strong public speaking skills. Able to develop trial strategy, prepare evidence for admissibility and introduce it in the most eloquent manner. Work effectively in a demanding and public oriented environment. Excellent interpersonal skills. Establish and maintain effective working relations with other department heads and managers, elected officials, administrative staff, employees, other government agencies, business contacts for the County, and the general public. Treat others with respect. Able to handle the stress of high workload and deadlines, and exposure to sensitive or unpleasant information/evidence. Maintain leadership and exercise self-restraint and composure during stressful and demanding situations. Excellent research skills. Able to analyze data and arrive to conclusions; then develop a strategic plan of action. Represent the PAO in an accurate and professional manner, without jeopardizing office efficiency and protocols. Promptly learn PAO procedures and protocols, and abide by them at all times, as well as legal ethical standards. Exercise judgment and discretion on sensitive, confidential and case matters.

Job Description:
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney - Criminal
Duties: Provide a wide range of professional legal services for the County including the prosecution of assigned criminal cases. Some civil representation as needed, for example public records requests and involuntary treatment hearings. Assist the Prosecuting Attorney s Office (PAO) on other legal matters and services to support the office and the services it provides. Prosecute traffic, criminal code, civil code, and zoning violations. Interview and prepare witnesses for proceedings. Examine cases, evidence, witnesses and other supporting evidence, such as expert reports, to determine sentencing range and possibilities and discuss it with victims and law enforcement. Evaluate the benefit or need of a trial versus guilty plea, whether more investigation should be conducted. Initiate the collection of restitution judgments; prosecute violation of community supervision or probation orders, file actions to forfeit bail. Review search warrants. Perform legal research and prepare written and oral opinions on various legal issues. Respond to citizen inquiries and complaints. Provide work guidance to paralegals, secretaries and other support staff. Stay abreast of new trends, law changes and other developments in the law. Attend and participate in staff meetings. Make recommendations to improve processes and office efficiency and services. Attend assigned local and state conferences and meetings. Participate in training law enforcement. Train law enforcement personnel on legal topics of interest. Give lectures and make presentations on legal issues such as criminal law, evidence, legal/court procedures, domestic violence, as assigned and approved. Review advance sheets and present briefings to other DPA s. Perform other duties or projects as assigned by the PA or such as assist or cover/back-up for other Deputies. Review police reports and make charging decision. Prepare and try district, juvenile, and superior court cases. Prepare and respond to pretrial and post-trial motions. Insure that crime victims are apprised of court dates and resources. Handle appeals from District to Superior Court, Superior to COA and others as assigned. Write appellate briefs and prepare and present oral arguments. May be called on to attend homicide/death scenes and autopsies.


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