The HiringPartner Story

Harrison Barnes

My name is Harrison Barnes and my entire career has revolved around recruiting and placing attorneys in law firms. I have been doing this for over 20 years and love it. For the past 20 years, I have also had a large IT staff, which has built databases and methods of legal recruiting, allowing the companies I have started to dominate their respective industries.

  • BCG Attorney Search has always been a very successful legal recruiting firm and our recruiters do very well.
  • LawCrossing has been the largest legal job site in the United States for more than 15 years.

I love technology, job boards, and legal recruiting. This is why I started HiringPartner – to help law firms leverage what I know to efficiently recruit attorneys. This is how I can help your law firm become vastly more efficient and effective.

As a legal recruiter myself, it may seem counterintuitive for me to show you how to recruit more effectively. However, my goal has always been to place attorneys in jobs and to do so as effectively as possible. Everything I have done in my career flows out of this fundamental goal. Using HiringPartner will not only benefit your firm, but attorneys seeking jobs.

The Legal Recruiting System is Broken

Under the typical model, a law firm will have an opening and perhaps post it on a site or two and may open the job to recruiters. Some law firms may also use their IT department and post the job on their own website. Many law firms have in-house recruiters who manage the process for them. As such, running a typical recruiting department and the cost of hiring can be extremely expensive and time consuming for law firms. In small law firms, the cost can be hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. In the largest law firms, the expenses can be in the millions. As will be explained below, there is no need for costs to be this high.

  • Paying Outside Legal Recruiters. Outside recruiters are very expensive and typically charge 25-30% of an attorney’s annual salary. While legal recruiters can be effective at finding passive candidates, they can often easily attract the same candidates you would on your own if (a) you were able to widely publicize your jobs and (b) efficiently organize all past applicants and choose from them when you have a job. Doing these two things well can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal recruitment and placement fees and this is what HiringPartner can help you accomplish.
  • The Cost of Not Hiring Quickly Enough. When you do not hire quickly enough, you are losing potential revenue. Each day an attorney is not working or billing on a matter is a cost to the firm. Many law firms spend months trying to find the right applicants for a position and consequently end up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. HiringPartner dramatically speeds up this process because we can broadcast your jobs far and wide, help direct attorneys to your website to apply for openings, help you find past applicants, and much more. When you use HiringPartner, you will be able to hire much quicker than before.
  • The Cost of Underutilized People in the Legal Recruiting Department. Recruiting and placement can be a lot of work. Recruiting departments need to (1) post jobs internally and externally, (2) review resumes and circulate them to attorneys, (3) manually reject and file resumes, (4) schedule interviews, and (5) respond to calls, emails and other correspondence related to candidates and jobs, both externally and internally. Using HiringPartner, you can dramatically cut down on all this. You can have the people in your department work on the most important things—interfacing with candidates and networking, rather than drudgery and paperwork. You can quickly review candidates in the database, schedule interviews, collect feedback on each candidate, post jobs, close jobs, locate past applicants, and more. You will no longer need a filing system, to send out manual rejection letters, or collect review firms.
  • The Cost of Not Organizing Applications Efficiently for Future Use. One of the largest issues facing law firms is when applications may come when there is no need for them. If there is no need at the time, the application may be rejected or discarded. Many resumes may sit in folders on recruiting personnels’ computers, or are printed and thrown in file cabinets where they are forgotten. With HiringPartner, you can organize all the applications received, so when new openings come up you can reach into your database and find the right applicant.
  • The Cost of Not Projecting a Professional Image to Applicants. When you use HiringPartner, all applicants will go through HiringPartner. You can take advantage of our easy-to-use career page on your firm’s website. HiringPartner helps you quickly get back to candidates and project a professional image. Without a professional image, your law firm may appear disorganized and a place people may not want to work. HiringPartner helps you fix this.

HiringPartner Fixes and Streamlines Your Legal Recruiting to Make Your Law Firm More Efficient

Some of the biggest challenges of a law firm are (1) finding qualified attorneys and (2) organizing the applications they receive for future use. The legal recruitment space is a difficult one to stay ahead of. Being able to rapidly and efficiently recruit attorneys makes your law firm more money. Being able to efficiently process applications coming into your law firm also allows your attorneys and staff to focus on important things that make your firm money.

There are new job sites popping up daily with various ways of recruiting and attracting applicants. For the past 20 years, we have become experts in recruiting attorneys, organizing applications, and delivering results to law firms. As a company, we have managed to constantly change, adapt and understand the best practices—we recruit attorneys, get them to apply to jobs, and organize their applications for future use. Using our unique systems, we can dramatically reduce your recruiting costs, make you more efficient, and help you recruit attorneys more rapidly.