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Attorney in Baltimore, MD

House of Ruth | Baltimore, MD, United States

Industry: Legal | Type: Full-Time

Posted Date: Mar 13, 2023

Qualifications: Qualifications: Bachelor s degree, law degree, or equivalent advocacy experience. Demonstrated knowledge, skills and ability to assist and advocate on behalf of victims of intimate partner violence in various environments. Ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with individuals of diverse backgrounds, including clients, House of Ruth staff, and members of the community. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks at one time. Computer literate (MS Word, internet, email). Ability to travel among HRM offices and courthouse offices. Ability and willingness to implement management decisions which s/he has not participated in making. Ability to function with limited supervision. Ability to understand intimate partner violence and how it affects the client population. Ability to pass a criminal background check. Ability to advocate on behalf of victims of intimate partner violence. Ability to meet intake and outreach goals and program objectives in a fast-paced environment as set by the Clinic Director. Ability to complete requirements of all grants, including written reports, in a timely manner. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. Demonstrates knowledge of civil and domestic law and familiarity with criminal law by conducting and participating in trainings. Ability to master information technology by accurately inputting and retrieving information from the computer for data entry, word processing, calendar management, e-mailing, and other functions in a timely manner. Ability to effectively manage high volume of volatile case in a timely manner. Ability to create and timely update referral manual each quarter. Ability to perform other duties as assigned by the Clinic Director.


Job Description:
Legal Advocate
Responsibilities: Conduct intakes and provide legal information, referrals, and advocacy services to victims of intimate partner violence. Conduct a lethality assessment and help every client create an individualized safety plan. Assist victims of intimate partner violence to complete petitions for protective and peace orders, modifications, extensions, divorce and custody complaints and answers, and other legal documents. Explain how to file for a protective/peace order and how to file criminal charges. Provide information to clients in order to allow clients to represent themselves in protective and peace order proceedings. Present client information to POARP attorneys and advocate for representation of clients in those cases. Present client information to divorce/custody attorneys and advocate for representation of clients in their family law cases. Advocate orally and in writing on behalf of victims of intimate partner violence in various environments. Assist in trial preparation under the supervision of an attorney. Accurately conduct conflict checks for persons seeking services from the Legal Clinic. Act as a liaison between clients who are witnesses in criminal cases and the local State s Attorney s Offices. Accompany clients to court for civil and criminal proceedings. Travel to all courthouse offices to assist attorneys by conducting intakes, answering phones, and other duties as assigned. Complete requirements of all grants, including written reports in a timely manner. Accurately input and retrieve information from Clinic database in a timely manner. Maintain and update electronic shared calendar regarding client intakes and upcoming protective and peace order proceedings. Acquire and maintain knowledge of family and intimate partner violence law. Recruit, train, and supervise interns and volunteers to provide victim advocacy services. Conduct follow-up surveys and research inquiries regarding efficacy of representation service. Provide clerical and administrative support to courthouse and HRM offices Provide back-up to paralegals and secretaries. Create and maintain manual of referrals and resources for use by the agency. Assist in fundraising efforts as needed. Participate in trainings (in person and online) to stay current on intimate partner violence issues and advocacy. Publicize and educate victims of intimate partner violence about services offered. Publicize, educate, train and provide technical assistance to Clinic staff, probation officers, community organizations, court personnel and other agencies as requested, including weekends and evenings. Develop and maintain liaisons with court personnel, community, criminal justice system and other agencies that assist victims of intimate partner violence. House of Ruth Maryland is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, veteran status or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, state, or local laws.


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