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Bankruptcy-General Attorney / Municipal Law Litigation Attorney / Real Estate - General Attorney in Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA, United States

Industry: Legal | Type: Full-Time

Posted Date: Dec 20, 2023

Experience: 3 Years

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Litigation

Qualifications: Qualifications: The candidate should have 3 years of experience as a practicing attorney with exposure to the following areas: trial advocacy, real estate, litigation, bankruptcy, municipal law, land use, and administrative law. Must possess a Juris Doctorate from an accredited law school; admission to the PA Bar Association; eligibility to practice law in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is preferred; or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Final approval of City Council required for hire. Valid PA Driver s License or equivalent is also required. Good knowledge of the third Class City Code and Optional third-class city Charter provisions, state law, municipal law, and the general laws of the City and State. Superior computer research skills, Westlaw/Lexis-Nexis. Superior trial advocacy skills, including knowledge of criminal and civil procedures, rules of evidence, and rules of professional responsibility. Skill in preparing cases, interviewing witnesses, settlement negotiations, and trying cases in court. Ability to organize, interpret and apply legal principles and specialized knowledge to particular circumstances. Ability to participate in the preparation and trial of difficult and important cases, and to present material clearly and logically in oral and written form.

Job Description:
Deputy City Solicitor
Duties: The candidate will handle civil and criminal cases, including trials, summary hearings, and settlement negotiations. Prepare and review contract documents for form and legality. Prepare bonds, obligations, contracts, and other agreements, leases, conveyances, assurances, and releases where the City or any City agency is a party. Prepare legislation (resolutions and ordinances) for passage by City Council. Advice, research, and prepare legal opinions for the Mayor, City Council, and other City officials and management employees on various legal issues including Contracts, Labor and Employment Law, Zoning and Land Use, Administrative Law, and other areas of Municipal Law relating to Third Class City Code. Prepare legal motions, briefs, pleadings, and other documents for use in litigations. Prosecute suits brought by the City for or on account of any rights, privileges, claims, or demands. Litigate civil matters, including contract claims, land use appeals, tax appeals, PA Public Utility Commission appeals, and Building and Zoning Code Appeals. Litigate summary criminal matters in place of the District Attorney regarding Building and Housing Code violations. Defend all actions or suits against the City or its agencies where any acts of the City or its agencies may be brought into question before any court, administrative agency, or other judicial or quasi-judicial body. Collaborate with other City departments, officials, and experts on City projects. Represent City at administrative hearings before various Boards and Commissions, including the Zoning Hearing Board, the Building and Housing Code Board of Appeals, and the Civil Service Commission. Represent the City relative to labor matters during the internal grievance process and at arbitration hearings. Represent the City in contract/labor and settlement negotiations. Attend and act as city Solicitor at city Council Legislative Sessions in the absence of the City solicitor. Present legislation at City Council Committee Meetings. Supervise and delegate assignments to Assistant City Solicitor(s) and staff. Advise/monitor outside legal counsel. Attend City Council sessions and meetings. Act as city s chief legal counsel in the city Solicitor s absence. Maintain regular, punctual, and predictable attendance. Report to work and remain at work in a productive condition which includes not being under the influence or impaired by the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship with supervisors, co-workers, and the general public. Completes all assignments in an efficient, consistent, and timely manner.


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